One of the taglines I use in my coaching business is: Reach your goal, explore the more. The MORE is often the part people cannot identify. Recently, I have had a few of these encounters. People who are not happy with where they are or what they do. At the same time they don’t really know what to do next or where to start. They want things to change, they want to use their potential or expect the world to see it. The world which is their work environment, their colleagues, their supervisors, their family members, and their friends. There is one dilemma though. They are not able to express what exactly it is they mean.

But how are others supposed to know what is going through your mind? How do they know that you have developed, that you are bored with your daily routine, and that the earlier challenges were challenges of the past not the present. Those challenges turned into everyday business. Routine means stagnation. Does doing the same thing every single day reminds you of a factory worker? Well, this is very similar. The only difference might be your desk instead of an assembly line. Ambition creatures need ambitious endeavors.

But where do you start? How do you start your new journey? See it as an adventure, a treasure hunt for your skills and talents that have been hidden for a while. A discovery tour to the new YOU. Think of tasks you had in the past that you liked. Why were they challenging in the past but aren’t anymore? Did they motivate and trigger you to grow? What was the fun then that you are missing right now? What is it that you want to be different in the future? Why do you want it to be different?

Finding the answers to these questions is not easy. But growth makes us sometimes hit the wall. There is nothing wrong with you, you just need new goals, and to stir up your comfort zone. With all of that, we also have to accept that times change, circumstances change, and we change. Our life plan from five years ago might not fit the plan we need now. Update the YOU.