Who is Violetta?

My relationship with the German language began as a small child living as a German minority in a country behind the iron curtain. Surrounded by émigré relatives, their cultures and their languages like German, Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian.

Before we left Poland and its (at that time) vicious political system I could only speak a couple of sentences, but it took me just around 6 months to speak German fluently.

Living my teenage years in Germany and learning the way my new German and multicultural friends and classmates spoke the language (instead of just the standard textbooks) really helped me to pick up the unique idioms and vernaculars that you don’t always pick up on the printed page.

Little did I know at the time how much of an impact this exposure to multiple languages and cultures would have on my career.

I still carry the motto “use what works and leave the rest” to this day in my personal and professional life, which has enabled me to enrich my skills as a real-world coach, trainer, and connector with an authentic, boundless curiosity for new cultures and personalities both in and out of the workplace.

With over a decade of experience as a professional development coach and trainer, I work with both expats and German employees to improve effective communication between local and global team members. I bring a multicultural perspective to my work and meet clients where they are with empathy and acceptance.

I also have a rare gift for being able to listen deeply, which inspires my clients to embrace their own exceptional talents, creating a new sense of belief in themselves and seeing all they have achieved with a fresh perspective, so they can reach further and grow to their full potential.

For example, my first job in the corporate world opened my eyes to my true passion – coaching and professional development. I was hired to train the company owner. Shortly after, he confided in me his personal challenges, and he trusted me from the start. At that moment, I knew this is what I really loved to do.

My biggest thrill is being a sounding board for my clients, and watching them grow and develop, both personally and in their work life. I love pushing them to use what they already have inside to help figure out what will truly bring satisfaction in their life and in work.

I’ve discovered over the years that when people harness and maximize their unique skills it lights a spark within the team environment. Team members become more agile and optimistic as they work off of each other’s strengths.

In my coaching, I emphasize the importance of uniting energy, professionalism, and vision to create greater impact in the workplace – because happiness is the new productivity.


Violetta’s clients consistently remark on her above and beyond, tangible, personalized yet practical approach, describing her genuine core characteristics as:

  • Empathetic | High-Touch | Optimistic
  • Authentic | Direct | Intentional
  • Professional | Competent | Composed
  • Driven | Persistent | Tenacious
  • Strategic | Analytical | Solutions-Oriented
  • Adaptable | Responsive | Agile

A representative list of Violetta’s professional credentials include:

Practitioner in Systemic Team Coaching…… Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI)
Individual Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA) and Professional Designation at Practitioner Level…… (EMCC)
ACE Certified Coach (Journey to Mastery / Mastery Plus / Virtuoso)………. Accelerating Coach Excellence (ACE)
Coach Master Toolkit Program…… World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS)
Webinar Trainer…… Corporate Learning & Change GmbH (CLC)
Certified Coach…………… Institute of Coaching and Development (IICD)
Translator and Interpreter….. Institute for Foreign Language Professions (IFB)
Language & Communication Training…. Countless Professional Development Programs


What Clients Are Saying

"Violetta is one of a kind. She certainly can help any expat learn and master the German language. But what really sets her apart, is her decade-long coaching experience ranging from pharma industry to public sector. She is kind, honest and empowering. She is also tough, unapologetic and accountable. You want her in your corner for sure, and I can say that after 4 years of continuous coaching, I will sorely miss our weekly reality checks!"

Dr. C.V., Ph.D.
Senior Scientist - Pharmaceutical Industry - Germany

"Violetta is the perfect coach you are looking for. She is flexible and can adapt to your personality and your goals. She will not find the solution to your problems but will nicely guide you to find the way to solve them. Her level of energy and empathy is without any limit! Violetta was instrumental in the success a essential steps in my career and personal life and supported me on a very strategic projects to achieve my objectives. I would recommend her without any restriction."

Dr. F.M., Ph.D.
Senior Scientist - Pharmaceutical Industry - Germany

"I’m fortunate to have worked with her over the past three years and she has been key in giving me the support I needed to make the bold decisions that really took my career in hi-tech to the next level, twice. I highly recommend working with Violetta if you need a top-notch ally by your side to achieve the next big goal in your professional journey. "

Team Leader - Tech Industry - USA

"You‘re looking for a professional coach? Be aware, Violetta is not the one for everyone ... why am I saying that? Well, I guess if you really want to get going, develop and grow your personality, hire her - she‘s the best and will kick your ... If you‘re looking for someone who is just „nice“, don‘t do it. Violetta will not accept lame excuses, long-winded speeches or the like - she WILL make you move! "

CEO - Quality Systems - Germany

"Violetta is definitely the kind of high energy level woman you want to have by your side. Always positive, full of endless resources and straight to the point. Violetta has definitely inspired me to drive my career to the very top, believe in me & find my happiness. She is a unique admirable business happy lady... Wanna be as successful and happy as I am today??? Then just get Violetta on board! "

Dr. S. P., Ph.D.
Senior Scientist - Pharmaceutical Industry - Switzerland

"I could use a lot of terms to describe the skills of Violetta and in which way it´s a great benefit collaborating with her but I realized that one single word summarizes what is guiding her: EMPATHY. "

Dr. F.M., Ph.D.
Senior Scientist – Pharmaceutical Industry – Germany

"Violetta, you are the best, most amazing, coolest coach/teacher/therapist ever! 😊😊😊"

Dr. E.S., Ph.D.
Senior Scientist – Pharmaceutical Industry – Germany

"Thank you, Violetta! You are an inspiration! "

Executive Assistant – Pharmaceutical Industry - Germany

"Dear Violetta, Just a quick note to say thank you for the great time we had during the management assistance training ... Particularly the Saturdays with you as an instructor were amazing, and you helped us discover skills we never suspected we had ... You are such a charismatic woman with an amazing ability to encourage people, and with such a positive attitude ... You have made such an amazing, lasting impression on me, and I am very grateful to you for your positive energy. Such a pity that the training is already over. "

Manufacturing Industry - Germany

"I can only repeat what the other girls have said ... We had a great time, with lots of support, information, instructive contents ... and what was never missing in your lectures was that we all had a lot of fun and were highly motivated. As far as I am concerned, I would not mind monthly coaching sessions ... "

Virtual Assistant – Germany

"Thanks to her charismatic personality, Violetta has no problem at all to engage all participants in her seminar right from the start. Right from the first minute, it was clear, this woman knows what she is talking about, and that it will be more than just theoretical knowledge that gets imparted. Her enthusiasm spreads easily to all the participants and the mutual interactions do not permit boredom to take hold even for a minute. "

Executive Assistant – Public Sector - Germany

"I highly recommend Violetta as a language coach. She is extremely personable, always engaging and encouraging, and has deftly guided me through the hurdles of the German language. I feel that her unique combination of patience and persistence, and her ability to relate to my experience as an expatriate has really helped me to maintain the learning pace needed to acquire the language and use it in my daily life, even in the midst of trying to balance the competing demands of work and family life."

Dr. G.L., Ph.D.
Senior Scientist – Pharmaceutical Industry – Germany

"I wanted to thank you, by the way: Because the statement “YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STAY HERE” has helped me immensely and encouraged me to take the first steps towards leaving my company, checking out the job market and reviewing my qualifications, and to dare step out of my “comfort” zone! "

Executive Assistant – Germany

"I have just received the training results. I am completely stunned. Many thanks, I have not taken it in yet. You have given me so much, thanks again!"

Executive Assistant – Engineering Works – Germany

"My assistant is one my most valuable assets. Her ability to professionally manage my (and others’) needs has direct and deep consequences for my ability to deliver results and on how I am regarded by others. She is already quite a strong performer, and so the coaching program is a both a recognition of her talent and also a development investment to take her performance to the next level. "

Dr. A.M., Ph.D.
Supervisor to an Executive Assistant - Pharmaceutical Industry - Germany

"It was truly enriching – one of the best seminars/continuing education courses that I have ever attended. The coaching is fantastic, and Violetta Krok is unique."

Executive Assistant - Pharmaceutical Industry - Germany

"I suddenly realized what impact my behavior and my thoughts had on myself and my surroundings. We were given tools that brought calmness to the way I think, feel and act. I have never experienced such team work. The time is ripe - and so am I - for new things, new thoughts and new emotions. The coaching helped me to let go. I would recommend coaching to everybody who faces life changes, who has to change directions. The coaching results can be felt and seen. Violetta's coaching fosters development on a personal and professional level."

Executive Assistant - Pharmaceutical Industry - Germany

"What did you do with them? This team is like an amazing clockwork. And they can read my mind. "

Dr. J.M., Ph.D.
Supervisor to an Executive Assistant Team - Pharmaceutical Industry - Germany

"The classes were immensely exciting, amazingly well put together with different presentation tools and full of valuable content. You are absolutely amazing, and that makes you stand out!"

Automotive Industry - Germany

"It’s been an incredible journey learning from you! Thanks for walking me through the language and the culture in the past year, plus many local tips! It’s been a tremendous journey for our family, and I very much appreciate we can communicate with you. "

Dr. Z.D., Ph.D.
Senior Scientist - Pharmaceutical Industry - Germany

"I have been taking language training with Violetta for one and a half years now.
What makes it so amazing is the way she is able to share her knowledge, embracing her passion for her work while teaching a language and culture. And not only with everyday life topics we are challenged with while getting integrated in a new country and culture but with added interesting work-related skills. A full package! Yes, there are a lot of professionals in this area, but only a few can evolve us in a way that brings us to learn more than a language, but also makes us discover matters which we can bring for our entire professional and personal life. More than grateful! "

Executive Assistant - Pharmaceutical Industry - Germany

List of Clients

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
  • Sanomed Gesundheits- und Sportnahrungsmittel GmbH
  • Wieland Werke AG
  • Diehl Aviation GmbH
  • ACD Elektronik GmbH
  • Colep Laupheim GmbH
  • Georg Schlegel GmbH und Co. KG
  • Brunel GmbH
  • Bästlein Gebrauchtmaschinen GmbH
  • Transporeon GmbH & Co. KG
  • First Fit GmbH & Co. KG
  • Prinzing GmbH
  • WEH GmbH

Violetta Krok

Professional Development Coach + Trainer

VK Business Communication Solutions | Ulm | Germany