If you’re a leader in your organization looking for a more personal, one-on-one coaching experience, then this is the option for you.

You may have your own concerns and challenges with your leadership role, ranging from how to lead more effectively to how to not only accept but to embrace your leadership role.

I have a knack for getting to the core of your concerns quickly, and can guide you with proven techniques, providing you with tools and strategies to help you navigate your responsibilities with more finesse, courage and confidence.

Results are different for everyone, but many of my clients have seen:

  • More willingness to accept and trust yourself
  • Increased self-confidence and self-assurance
  • Reduced self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • More poise in communication with direct reports and colleagues
  • Re-discovery of skills and abilities currently underutilized

As you might imagine, my one-on-one coaching availability is limited, so if this is a path you or a peer would like to discover, then let’s talk.

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This coaching option is an ideal way to encourage positive interactions in an intimate setting.

Whether it’s to resolve a conflict between two or more direct colleagues, create a team out of a group, get constructive feedback on potentially controversial policies or procedures, or a number of other scenarios, VK Group Coaching can be an excellent approach.

My clients have reported:

  • Improved group dynamics
  • Long term conflict resolution
  • Positive reinforcement of performance
  • Retaining top talent

Our latest group coaching programs include:

Own Your Career Ambition: Group Coaching for Women In Business
This program is all about personal empowerment and giving yourself permission to succeed in new ways and at higher levels.

If you know in your heart of hearts that you were meant for bigger things, then it’s time to unleash your self-imposed limitations and discover what’s out there with more confidence and urgency.

This 6 Month Program includes:

  • 6 One-Day Group Sessions (One per month)
  • Plus 2 One-on-One Sessions
  • Number of participants: 6 people

Learn more here (pdf document)

7 Steps to a More Fulfilling Career: Group Coaching for Executive Assistants
As your roles and responsibilities continue to grow, it’s crucial not only for your skills to grow, but also for your confidence and fulfillments levels to grow as well.

This immersive program will help you to understand and gain a stronger foothold on every aspect of your expanding role as an executive assistant in an ever changing and increasingly competitive landscape.

This 6 Month Program includes:

  • 6 One-Day Group Sessions (One per month)
  • Plus 1 One-on-One Session
  • Number of participants: 6-8

Learn more here (pdf document)

Team Up and Succeed: From One (Wo)Man Show to Team Power
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional team development as you learn the intricate aspects of teams and teamwork, and all the ways they impact your organization.

This robust program even features a module on virtual and hybrid team environments.

This 5 Month Program includes:

  • 5 One-Day Group Sessions (One per month)
  • Number of participants: 6-8

Learn more here (pdf document)

Of course, your organization is unique, with its own set of challenges and initiatives to navigate.

Schedule a call to discuss your situation and we can craft a group coaching option to fit your needs.



Your teams are your company’s nucleus, so it’s vital to have every team member working to their full potential, maximizing their personal strengths while keeping the goals of the organization at the forefront.

VK Team Coaching can help your team embrace its common purpose, while guiding your teams to increased productivity, renewed energy and clarify the direction.

One way I do this is through systemic team coaching, which is much like a 3-legged stool with each component having equal significance:

  1. How team members look at themselves
  2. How they interact with the rest of the team
  3. How they interact with the team leader and organization as a whole

This is a powerful collaborative approach that gives everyone a common purpose and a sharper focus on collective leadership, breaking new ground in all areas of the team dynamic.

Here are a few possible team coaching scenarios:
  • Helping a team come together on a critical new assignment
  • Improving communication between team members
  • Resolving conflict between team members 
  • Showing a team how to better traverse changing situations
  • Guiding team members to be on board with the company’s mission 
We have seen outstanding results:
  • Teams are more confident in how they communicate with each other
  • Team members relay questions and concerns more efficiently with supervisors and fellow members
  • Accomplishments are recognized with more regularity
  • Conflicts and frustrations are improved due to better communication
  • Teams are more motivated and optimistic
  • Team members are asking for new tasks and challenges

VK Team Coaching is ready to help your teams succeed at new levels.

Schedule a call and let’s get everyone more connected.



Being in a job that no longer feels right can leave you feeling helpless, frustrated, and demoralized.

Somewhere along the way, for any number of reasons (or maybe no reason at all), you lost the enthusiasm you once had for your position, and you feel it’s time for a change.

Unfortunately your employer may not be aware or supportive of these feelings, so you are left to your own devices as you search for a way out.

And here’s the biggest challenge
There is a big difference between THINKING about taking action and actually DOING it.

So you come up with a myriad of rationalizations for the status quo:

  • When I turn 30 (40 or 50…)
  • When my children start school
  • When my children finish school
  • When I get that next qualification
  • When the weather changes

…and the list goes on.

Or maybe you ARE taking action on your own
But it feels like you’re spinning your wheels with nothing to show for it. And the clock is ticking. Staying in the same place is no longer an option.

This is where my private, individual, completely confidential coaching can guide you as you design your own life and career.

One important caveat: you must be ready to do the work. There will be learning, self-reflection, and real action taking. Your results will be proportionate to your efforts. And it will be SO worth it!

My clients have reported:

  • More fulfillment as they find the position they desired
  • More confidence as they start taking the necessary steps
  • More clarity on what they really want
  • More relief to have an empathetic sounding board
Schedule a confidential call and let’s start taking action.