People think they have to be productive 24/7. I can tell you, this is never the case. You have your good days and bad days. You have days when things run smoothly and days when you just want to slam the office door and run away. That’s called reality and part of being a human being.

Very often, days like these start with the inability to make the smallest decision. You look at the things in your closet and have no idea what outfit you want to wear at the office. You don’t know what your favorite outfit is in that moment.

Breakfast? You decide to not to have one or grab whatever is sitting on the kitchen counter. Lunch at the greatest café you usually love to go to with your colleagues? You are not sure. Nothing but nothing floats your boat.

Meetings? You forgot half of what you wanted to discuss. Focusing on work? You get distracted by a thousand little things, jump from one task to another, and don’t finish even one little thing. You start getting frustrated, but can’t even tell what’s wrong. Sound familiar?

My advice: Let it be. Whatever the reason, find a name for these exceptional days. Mine is: “an off day”. My mood is off, my productivity is off, and my decision making ability is off. That’s it.

Give yourself credit for the fact that these are exceptions. That you will make it through that day, go to bed, and wake up on a new bright day ready for action; ready to be back on 😊