I have been reading posts by mostly a very young generation of women who spread the word about their role as mothers, whooping up their job, or running a company, and appearing as the role models and super heroes to young women planning their future. It all appears like a commercial on tv, you can have it all. They spread the message of how easy it all is.

I love positive thinking and strength. It is the perfect basis for all challenges that might burst your bubble one day or the other.

However, running a business is not easy at all. Running a family is not easy either. Life is not always easy. I can only hope for you that your family is functional enough, your partner does as much as you do, you share all responsibilities, and have a huge network of friends and relatives who pitch in.

I coach women who decided to have children and who decided not to. Some wanted to be the stay-home moms and live the fulfilled life watching their children grow. Well, some of them are super happy and live their dream.

Many realize that staying at home and not having an intellectual challenge to keep them satisfied is a hard reality check that hits them one day. With that comes a feeling of guilt. Are they letting their children down or are they disappointing family? It ends in questioning every decision.

Everybody is different but don’t let yourself be blinded by the constructs of perfect family pictures and million dollar businesses. Life is real and unfortunately not always perfect.

And one more thing, many generations of women have done it all before and we should not forget their achievements. Gen “whatever” is not extraordinary or super special.

Decide for yourself, choose your own way, and don’t buy into someone’s pseudo ideal world. It is your life, your choice, and your decision. And yes, you will disappoint some people around you. It is not about them. It is about you.