“Violetta, something needs to change. We are much too stressed.” A great objective to hear from a team. So we start working, analyzing, streamlining, and finding solutions. Everybody is happy and on board. Aha moments start popping up. The team starts implementing.

First challenge: Lack of patience. It is a brand-new process you are creating or adjusting. Change is not visible from one day to another. It’s like growing tomatoes. If you plant a seed today, you will not harvest tomatoes tomorrow.

Second challenge: The old rules trap. You put all the work and effort into wanting to do things differently, but end up following the old behaviors. And you are back to complaining about your stress. Adjust, change, and stick to the new rules. Fight the creature of habit in you. Yes, it takes a while but it is worth it.

Third challenge: Business and life come in between. Being overwhelmed takes over and your first and only reaction is to throw all your plans and efforts out the window. You don’t have time for that. Your new plan is to wait for a more quite times to start over.

Good luck with that. When you work for a large and dynamic organization, there are no quiet times or days without anything to do. It’s either too much or you’re catching up on what piled up. Am I right or am I right?

Don’t get pushed by the circumstances. Embrace the fact that it is you who made the decision and wanted to follow through. Don’t fight it before trying it. Stop, breathe, empty your head, and follow through.