And I mean it to the very core of these statements. Part of my work is supporting women in executive positions or those who aspire to them. I also support executive assistants in their professional development, a target group that is still 90% female.

These women are not sent to my coaching programs, they sign up because they are ambitious, curious, strive for more, look for more, whatever the more is for each individual. A different position, a more fulfilling career path or purpose, better productivity, or improved communication. There are those who want to let go of frustrations, and others stepping into greater power at work, and preparing their course of action.

They don’t blame their parents, teachers, partners, or other factors for their unfulfilled lives or “shattered” dreams. They make a decision and follow through. They thrive on these successes. And if their goals are not clear yet, I am here for them.

Some goals are set in stone, some are vague, some change, and some don’t. Goals often reflect who we are, where we come from, where we would like to be or who we would like to become. They have been shaped by the environment and the people surrounding us at different stages of life.

But here is the key: You have to make them yours! Often only in these stages of self-reflection do women realize that they are living someone else’s life. Their parents chose their profession. Their partner determined the family structure. Their children their career paths. So my question is: Whose life are you living?

The future can be yours when you decide to make it yours.

The world and its societies still try to put women in boxes, placing them in a world of outdated values and glorified lifestyles. Do you want to have a career? Go for it. Do you want to have children? It’s your choice. Do you wish to have it all? Good for you. But make the decision for yourself and own it. Don’t give up your identity because someone else had a plan for you. And please don’t make your life dependent on someone else. A man is not a plan. Period. It might have worked in the conservative lifestyle of your parents, but it does not fit the world as it is now.

We have been conditioned to think that women are complicated. I am one as well, just saying. Am I complicated? To some people. I would rather call it complex or sophisticated. We see the world from different perspectives. Our thinking is holistic or integral. We usually don’t think straight, put in some twists and turns. So, take advantage of your amazing complexity, use it to your advantage and make a plan that is yours. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • Is there a gap between the first two answers?
  • Where will you take action?
  • What will you change or implement?
  • Who will be your accountability partner?

Remember: The future can be yours when you decide to make it yours.