“Me? As a woman? There is no place for me at this company.” This was a sentence I heard some weeks ago from a pretty frustrated young woman who is going through a rough time in her life.

Sentences like these tend to stay with me for a while. They make me think. They make me analyze. They might even make me angry. But they also show me how often women give up on their chances. They give in. They listen to stories that are being told. They make these stories their own. They start believing in what they should not believe. They make themselves easy victims of their resentful environment.

Envy is a strong feeling that people, in this case colleagues, tend to have when they see someone else thriving and succeeding. Colleagues who are so comfortable in their comfort zone, who are too lazy to put in all the hard work that is necessary, and who are resistant to all advice they could get for free. It is so much easier to join the tribe of jealousy and envy and make someone else’s life miserable. Not to have the guts to stand up for someone else. Not to know how to develop a feeling of happiness for someone else. Writing these lines does not make me angry. It makes me mad. And sad at the same time.

People have a weird way of showing envy. They make you doubt yourself, they question your decisions, they don’t stand behind you, and they cannot be happy for you.

I have friends who told me they were envious. This is quite a crappy feeling for them, not for me. I have worked hard to get where I am right now. Bring it on, I know how hard I work every day and I know that it pays off. I take it as a compliment.

So, if you get into an unpleasant situation like the woman I described above: Do not lose your faith. Do not listen to stories. Do not doubt yourself. Instead, ask yourself why you are doing what you doing. Is it your goal? Is it your purpose? Is it your driver? Keep going and leave the toxic people behind you. Do not make it easy for them to feel like a victim. This is not your role.