I‘m getting tired of stories and excuses.

When I turn 40 I want… When my children grow up… When my children start school… When my children finish college… When my husband starts his new career… When the weather changes… When I retire…

I could go on and on. Whatever sentence you find using that is holding you back from what you always wanted to do, it’s time to act. Your life doesn’t last forever. Take advantage of every day.

Is trying to figure out what you want to do something you have been stuck with for a long time? Are you running away from the unknown? Are you continuously busy in order to be busy? Are you spinning your wheels and not getting ahead at the same time?

Let me help you to get out of your rut and stop your illusion of fixing it yourself. Let me stop you from constantly running around in circles and hoping to finally know what to do next.

You can wait another week, another month, another year… This won’t change anything.

Coachees who know what they want don’t need a coach to show them the way. They want a coach to accompany their way. Get your ducks in a row and message me.