I recently had several face-to-face workshops with clients of mine. As much as I love working virtually, there is something to the fact of being with a group or team in one room, working on challenging topics, watching the reactions, the body language, and the interpersonal connections, to name just a few. As a coach, experiencing people in their work space just makes a difference in the outcome.

Meanwhile, I have also noticed that people literally resist getting together in person. Even showing up sporadically at work, not just for workshops. Don’t get me wrong, I am the biggest fan of hybrid work, remote teams, and everything that the crazy world that we have lived through delivered in the last two and a half years. And, I strongly disagree with the rules that some organizations have implemented in dictating when to show up.

However, there have also been negative side effects associated with working remotely. The comfort zone of not leaving your remote office space has not only created a disconnect between colleagues but also created a general social disconnect. It’s social fear of getting back together in person. I see this happening to individuals in a variety of positions.

It is crucial for a leader to know that this may be the cause of resistance. Step by step, get together with your team members individually, and take the time for socializing.

Are you a leader? Has this happened to you? You have to get used to seeing people again. Warm up to start being visible again. Show up at least once a week. Plan your presence so your team has the chance to have a personal encounter. Stop hiding and stop thinking that your teammates won’t notice. It’s a brand new start under brand new circumstances. Teams are creating a new feeling of belonging. Be part of it.