The cautious joy is once again being shadowed by the déjà-vu of the Corona events. There is something weird in the air. The holiday break did not feel like one. Not enough variety since we were only allowed to visit in the privacy of our own homes.

We are tired of working from home and any kind of virtual events. Home-schooling is back and all the parents are enthusiastically screaming “yeah”. Our mobility is being limited, we are still not allowed to travel, and don’t even think of visiting friends and/or family. Advanced career steps are rather not to be seen.

We have not wasted any time with resolutions, we are hesitating to start new projects, and motivated colleagues who want to do so are just getting on our nerves. The lopsidedness is making us tired and we are lacking energy. And it’s only January! When we continue to follow this pattern, this is not going to be fun.

Interestingly, the fast pace and hectic rush made it to the new year though. A couple of days ago, I heard sentences like: “I actually don’t have time”, “I should not be here”… Once again a sign that we changed the year but haven’t really changed anything else. Are you leaving your life control button to the outside world?

Are you being pushed through everyday life without thinking of yourself? Especially because this world continues to spin the way it is spinning right now, you need the feeling of control. Yes, last year stole some of our plans and dreams. But it’s high time to wake up from that lethargic state of yours and make new plans. It’s up to us to create the year and it’s up to us to take care of our well-being. No matter what the circumstances.

The complex world we live in will always ask for our adaptability. This does not depend on the pandemic. Compare this situation with projects which also don’t always work out or simply fail. We stop them, we change the direction, and we keep going. This new year is like your new project. You have the vision but don’t know how or if you get there yet. It’s what you might know as “design thinking” or “agile project management” methods.

Press the reset button yourself. Take care of yourself. Do what’s good for you. Take time for yourself. Create new career steps, new goals, and plan a new strategy. My sentence to live by in these crazy times currently is: “Out with the old, in with the new”. What is yours?